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Process Improvement, Change Management, Risk Management, Technology Optimization, Implementation, & so much more! 

Project Management Consulting , expert advice & support in:


Purposeful Connection Consulting, LLC is a project management consulting company dedicated to providing its clients with the best PMI methodology practices tailored specifically to its client's needs that result in successful project completion and meeting organizational goals.  PCC aims to provide valuable advice and support to each of its purposeful connections clients.


PCC is here to review and analyze your project management practices/capabilities and organizational goals to provide the best-recommended approach for your project needs through the below services.

  • Process Improvement

  • Resource Management

  • Change Management

  • Planning & Executing

  • Implementing Approaches

  • Technology Optimization


Having over ten years of project management experience, advanced education, and Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified, PCC has expertise in: 

  • Analyzing current project management practices

  • Analyzing organizational problems and challenges

  • Determining projects strengths & weaknesses

  • Providing valuable recommendations for process improvement

  • Providing strategic planning & executing support

  • Transforming project management offices (PMOs)

  • & More!

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