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PCC, LLC offers multiple project management consulting service options that are tailored specifically to your needs for project management for your projects and organization.

Process Improvement

Analyzation of current processes and procedures to identify challenges and problem areas that need improvement to improve performance, quality, and efficiency for project success.

Planning & Executing

Assistance with strategic planning and strategically executing the defined strategic plan to enhance project management and advance organizational goals.

Change Management

Review of tools and processes that require change which happens through the process of understanding the changes needed, planning for changes, implementing changes, and communicating changes. 

Implementing Approaches

Analyzation of current project approaches and project types and sizes to determine the best project management methodology approach to execute projects successfully.

Resource Management

Aid with the process of the optimization of project resources through planning, scheduling, allocation, and monitoring/controlling to do more with less with high quality.

Software Optimization

Identifying current software used for project management and providing recommendations for the best software to create efficiency that makes project approaches easier to carry out.

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